Lubricants that support sexual intercourse | Bodygliss

Lubricants that support sexual intercourse | Bodygliss

The slippery secret to sensational sex is lube. It is that simple. Off course this is subjective. You don’t technically need to use lubricant but it can help in making sex more comfortable, fun and decreasing any discomfort/pain.

Several studies have shown that women felt positively about lubricant use and preferred sex to feel more “wet” and were able to orgasm more easily using it. This insight is very helpful for those women who have difficulty orgasming during sexual intercourse!


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Lubricant types

We developed special lubricant types and categories that are used in different cases:

  1. Silicone based lubricantsSilicone based lubricantsSilicone based lubricants have a long term effect, smooth and sensual. Silicone lubricant is non allergic and hypoallergenic. They can be...  Read more >

  2. Water based lubricantWater based lubricantWater-based lubricants are PH neutral, can be used with sex toys and latex condoms.  Read more >

  3. Erotic LubricantsErotic LubricantsErotic lubricants stimulate and improve your sexual activities. BodyGliss enhances your experience.  Read more >

  4. Lubricants for medical supportLubricants for medical supportDeveloped for women with vaginal discomforts such as dryness and irritation. BodyGliss makes sexual intercourse possible again.  Read more >

  5. Lubricants with a delicate aromaLubricants with a delicate aromaDeveloped with the purest oils, longlasting effect without getting sticky. For sensual massages with luxurious scents.  Read more >

  6. Lubricants for anal useLubricants for anal useLubricants developed to make anal sex smooth, easy and pain free. Provides a protective layer.  Read more >

  7. Lubricant and massage oil in oneLubricant and massage oil in oneBodyGliss massage oils are for sensual massages that end up in wonderful sex. With various scents for every taste.  Read more >

  8. Lubricant for the LGBTIQ communityLubricant for the LGBTIQ communityEspecially developed for the queer community where inclusiveness is important and love always wins.  Read more >

Lubricant applications and support

Our lubricants are used in several support applications

  1. Vaginal DrynessVaginal DrynessVaginal dryness is a painful symptom that many women may experience at some point during their lives. This symptom can be caused by a...  Read more >

  2. Vaginal DiscomfortVaginal DiscomfortVaginal discomfort is a general term that refers to any condition that causes itchiness, irritability or pain in the vagina.  Read more >

  3. MenopauseMenopauseA common symptom of Menopause is vaginal dryness. Over half of all women experience this.  Read more >

  4. Pregnancy and sexual problemsPregnancy and sexual problemsWould you like to become pregnant or have carefree sex during pregnancy. Both is possible with BodyGliss lubricants.  Read more >

  5. Sexuality support during Medical conditionsSexuality support during Medical conditionsSex can be more difficult during illness or medication because of multiple reasons. Read about it and the possible solutions.  Read more >

  6. Sexual adventuresSexual adventuresExploring, trying new experiences, embarking on exciting adventures, everything related to sex becomes more fun and easier with lubricant.  Read more >

Our best-selling lubricants

Our most sold lubricant products that you can order here online in our sexual lubricant web shop.
  • Silky soft gliding - 150ml - pure

    Silky soft gliding - 150ml - pure

    Gives a wonderful, sensual feeling and extreme smoothness. Long lasting without getting sticky. For extensive joy, more intense and faster orgasms.Silky soft lubricant
    € 16,99
  • BodyGliss Massage - Rose Petals 150ml

    BodyGliss Massage - Rose Petals 150ml

    For sensual massages full of joy and intimate contact. With the wonderful and romantic scent of roses. Also for sexual contact.Sensual massage oil rose petals
    € 17,99
  • Hybrid fusion of water and silicone lubricant

    Hybrid fusion of water and silicone lubricant

    The perfect fusion of a water-based lubricant with skin conditioning silicone that have a long-lasting effect.Fusion lubricant 150 ml
    € 15,99
  • Female Care & comfort - 250ml

    Female Care & comfort - 250ml

    Immediate relief of vaginal dryness. For care free and pleasant intimate contact. Medical lubricant
    € 29,99
  • BodyGliss Massage - Cocos & Rum 150ml

    BodyGliss Massage - Cocos & Rum 150ml

    For sensual massages full of pleasure and intimate contact. With the sensory and tropical scent of Cocos Rum.Massage oil and lubricant in one with scent of Cocos Rum
    € 17,99
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