Water based lubricant

Water based lubricant

What are water based lubricant
Water based lubricants are very popular for their quick and high gliding abilities. But they don't have a very long term effect. Therefor BodyGliss developed hybrid lubricants, that are a fusion of water based and silicone lubricants. It has all the benefits of water and silicone.

Water based lubricants benefits
Very smooth and quick gliding. Compatible with all toys and condoms. Easily washable. Affordable.

For who are water based lubricants
Water based lubricants are for everybody. The BodyGliss hybrid lubricant, the fusion of waterbased and silicone lubricant is for those who want to have the benefits of a waterbased and at the same time the benefits of a silicone lubricant. 

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  • Hybrid fusion of water and silicone lubricant
    Fusion of water and silicone lubricant

    Hybrid fusion of water and silicone lubricant

    The perfect fusion of a water-based lubricant with skin conditioning silicone that have a long-lasting effect.Fusion lubricant 150 ml
    € 14,99
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