Lubricants for anal use

Lubricants for anal use

To make anal sex easy and joyable it is advised to use a lubricant. For anal use you need a lubricant that provides a protective layer without taking away the feeling. BodyGliss provides this by using the purest silicone oil. It will make the anal sex smooth and easy.

Silky soft texture, long lasting effect. Compatible with condoms. Odorless and tasteless. The pure silicone oil of the highest quality provides extreme smoothness and a long lasting gliding power without getting sticky.

For who:
The BodyGliss adventures lubricant is specially developed for men to enjoy anal adventures without inhibitions.

Lubricants products for anal usage

  • Silky soft gliding - 150ml - pure

    Silky soft gliding - 150ml - pure

    Gives a wonderful, sensual feeling and extreme smoothness. Long lasting without getting sticky. For extensive joy, more intense and faster orgasms.Silky soft lubricant
    € 16,99
  • Love Always wins Massage lube

    Love Always wins Massage lube

    This silky soft LGBTIQ+ massage lube is especially developed for a community that includes everyone.Massage lubricant
    € 17,99
  • Silky soft Adventure - 250ml

    Silky soft Adventure - 250ml

    Specially developed for men. With pure silicone, formulated to enjoy adventures without inhibitions. The very best ingredients provide long-lasting pleasure, extreme smoothness, without getting sticky.Pure silicone lubricant, 250ml
    € 28,99
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