• Silky soft Love - 150ml

Silky soft Love - 150ml

Silky soft love lubricant, 150ml

Especially for women. For love and pleasure. This wonderfully sensual and silky soft lubricant is made for love-making. It brings you a long-lasting and extreme smoothness. Bodygliss is hypoallergenic, taste and odorless.

€ 16,99
  • Do you know "the slippery secret of sensational sex"?

    Research has shown that the majority of women worldwide prefer sex with lubricants. BodyGliss provides extreme smoothness, long-lasting gliding power without sticking. It is also suitable for massages and water resistant. Enjoy together. Make love more freely.


    • Silky soft texture
    • Long lasting effect
    • Be careful with lower quality silicone toys
    • Hormone free and hypoallergenic
    • Odor and tasteless
    • Does not stick
  • BodyGliss uses the high-quality pure and more expensive variant DIMETHICONE silicone oil that provides the extreme smooth gliding ability. The composition has been made a little bit thicker to provide the extreme long lasting smoothness. The cheaper CYCLOPENTASILOXANE present in most brands has not been added due to environmental concerns. BodyGliss is hypoallergenic and has no additives. We added Vitamine E that helps keep the vagina healthy. 


  • Turn the pump till you can push it and apply the lubricant wherever you want. Also suitable for anal use. The lubricant is not a contraceptive and does not contain spermicide. Pay attention; close well after use and turn pump on lock, oil has the property to "creep". Also suitable for massages.

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