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Ladies...I immediately roll over the mat to you with a question; without lubricant, why would you?

Which bungler ever thought that lubricant should be a secret helper?
Lubricant is a full-fledged erotic toy. Something that enhances every experience. I dare you; everything you do, did, wish, fantasize is tastier with lubricant. Try it yourself!

Come on be honest; saliva vs lubricant. What rather stops sliding?
If you are going to massage a body, you use massage oil, played tennis I assume, just for my image, that you don't spit all over her back when you start massaging, so why please, teasing and penetrating her pleasure parts all of a sudden use nothing?

Starting sex with liquid pleasure all over your body.. I say yes and more gladly.
I'm not alone by the way; let me just sit on the sweetest & most beautiful side of the rainbow with my company: I have a lesbian escort agency.
No, I'm not an expert, I'm not a guru, not an expert, but hey, I didn't start this because I have an affinity with knitting.
So based on my escalated interest in pleasing women's bodies, I would, personally, listen to me when I say which lubricant does what it's supposed to do for a long time, is safest if ingested (I'll be happy to explain that if you tell me asks) and is multifunctional: massage & lubricant in 1.

You can perhaps imagine that we are up to our ears in the lube. Then you also understand that genuine favorites arise. And making that known is then a small effort.
So here's my kneeling ode, sliding down to the floral balcony of Bodygliss.

Lex van Delft
“De Stoute Vrouw”