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Combine a brilliant creative brand builder with humor with the seasoned alchemist with his own factory and laboratory. Add 3 successful investors who don't like telling stories about their own IT business at parties very much. Mix them together with a hint of feminine touch. Pouf; the LoveBusiness BV team.

All of them persons with a passion for love. With the ambition to launch innovative, playful, exciting and beautiful concepts. Guided by a mission to only bring integrity products that make people happy and bring them closer together. Where fun and enjoyment are self-evident to run a business. And with that in mind BodyGliss was also developed.

I am the proud woman who matches these strong, stubborn and creative sides of this team into the perfect recipe for new brands such as BodyGliss.

Have fun with our products. And also have a look at our other brands:

Viviane van den Bichelaer
CEO | LoveBusiness BV

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