The base of the BodyGliss recipe is Silicone, in other words Dimethicone. The starting material for silicone is silica, one of the most abundant elements on Earth. This is processed into a silicone fluid, the great advantage of silicone over plant-based alternatives is that silicone is completely inert, meaning it does not react in any way with other substances. As a result, the product is completely hypo-allergenic, it is not irritating and it does not cause all kinds of unwanted processes (affecting the natural pH value, upsetting the natural bio-flora) in the intimate zone that you could suffer from with a natural remedy. In addition, because it is not absorbed by the skin, the performance requirements are many times better and the efficacy cannot be compared with a natural remedy.

Unique and very important

The lubricants and massage oils of BodyGliss are compatible with all kind of toys. 

Normally lubricants on a silicone base are advised not to use with toys. Especially low quality toys. The team of BodyGliss has tested and tested all kinds of toys with our lubricants and massage oils. From live testing to leaving toys in the fluid for over 72 hours. And every single item tested to be compatible. This is really good news. A water based lubricant can be used with toys but the efficacy is very short termed and it gets sticky fast. Not with our silicone based products. They have a very long term efficacy and won't get sticky. So go and enjoy all your toys, BodyGliss will make them feel even better.

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