• BodyGliss Massage - Rose Petals 150ml

BodyGliss Massage - Rose Petals 150ml

Massage oil and lubricant in one

For sensual massages full of joy and intimate contact. With the wonderful and romantic scent of roses. Also for sexual contact.

€ 17,99
  • Elevate your senses to exciting heights with sensual massages and enjoy the continuous feeling of your partner's touch. The extreme softness and the long-lasting effect puts you in a state of pure joy. The massage oil is also suitable as a lubricant for wonderful sex. The romantic and elegant scent of rose petals puts you in an intimate mood. BodyGliss is the perfect Firestarter.


  • Use it as often and wherever you want. Abundant and long-lasting smoothness. Due to the pure ingredients, sexual contact is no problem. It is oil based so it can stain the sheets, but is easy to wash out at 60 degrees.