Tease me

Tease me

Bag full of erotic accessoires

Various erotic accessoires for play, seduction, love and intimacy. Lubricant, massage oil, a blindfold or bondage. An elegant pocked sized vibrator. And Daisy, the cuties little Duckie with her exceptional strong motor that will surely take you to heaven.

€ 27,95
Bag full of sensual accessoires
  • Tease me until you please me. With massage oil, lubricant, a vibrating cock ring, a French sleeve, Daisy the cute little duckie that only goes to heaven, satin blindfold or bondage and a secret assignment. All in a beautiful satin bag

  • Various erotic accessoires for love, play, seduction and intimacy 

    • Massage oil,
    • Lubricant, 
    • A vibrating cock ring, 
    • A French sleeve, 
    • Daisy the cute little duckie, 
    • Satin blindfold or bondage, 
    • A secret assignment. 
    • All in a beautiful satin bag.
  • As a gift for the both of you.

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