Shades Box

Shades Box

Box full of sensual accessoires

Fifty shades of joy and soft boundaries. Discover it together. Let the exhilarating assignments guide you into a world full of fantasy and pleasure.

€ 99,00
Box full of accessoires & exhilarating assignments
  • Explore your deepest fantasies and desires in style: In the storage box you will find a design suede whip with 38 strands, chic leather handcuffs, satin bondage and blindfold kit, lubricant and three provocative assignments.

    • a design suede whip with 38 strands, 
    • Very chic leather handcuffs, 
    • satin bondage and blindfold kit, 
    • Jackie, beautiful 10 function vibrator
    • lubricant 
    • three provocative assignments
    • a beautiful storage box.
  • Explore your boundaries together.

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