• 210th classic love box

Classic love box

Box full of erotic love toys and assignments

The classic love box contains all you need for moments of passion and intimacy. Has a worth of € 325,=.

€ 149,00
Box full of accessoires & exhilarating assignments
  • 210th is the key to romance. The key to love and eroticism. The key to getting closer together.

    The box has a total worth of € 325,=. Erotic accessories such as a satin blindfold, an elegant vibrator, a pocket size bullet, a vibrating cock ring, a tickler, the famous french sleeve, but also the 210th massage oil of the highest quality and samples of lubricant. 

    When you open the luxury box, you step into a world together that brings out your naughty sides but also your deepest secrets. Because for each month there is an exhilarating assignment that brings you closer together.

  • Intimacy, seduction, playful and fun. All included in the 210th classic love box

    • 210th massage oil 150 ml,
    • Luxury rechargeable vibrator with 10 functions,
    • Elegant bullet with 10 functions,
    • Vibrating cock ring,
    • French sleeve,
    • Loveballs,
    • Satin bondage / blindfold,
    • Tickler with feathers,
    • sachets of lubricant,
    • Satin storage bag,
    • 12 exhilarating and surprising assignments,
    • The luxury storage box.
  • The box contains fun, enjoyment, seduction and pleasure for a year.

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