The sun is shining and the endorphins provide a wonderful feeling of happiness. We are looking forward to life, love and wonderful sex between the sheets. What should not be missing on the bedside table? A lubricant. Because, sexologists and porn stars agree, this is exactly what you need to give your sex life something extra.

Veronica Vain, Jessica Drake and Daiza Morgann, those are probably not the names of your best friends that you invite to your birthday. But if they did, they would bring you one of their favorite birthday presents: not a nice bottle of Chardonnay but a nice bottle of lube. These three ladies who have made millions in the porn industry know what they are talking about. “Not only in the movies but in the bedroom you always need a bottle of lube,” says Daiza. “There's a weird stigma about using lube. That it is only something for the elderly, but believe me, it is better for everyone. It makes sex so much better. At any age. A moist vagina is a healthy vagina and that is the basis for the very best sex.”

Improve the quality of sex
According to Dutch research, 56 percent of women regularly suffer from vaginal dryness and half of these experience pain during sex. Menopause is a known cause, but so is a lack of sexual excitement. This was reason for Viviane van den Bichelaer, CEO at LoveBusiness, to design a lubricant that meets the needs of women.
“As a woman you want to help another woman, so the bar has been set very high,” says Viviane. “You have to know that once sex has hurt you or it all feels stiff and uncomfortable, then fear also plays a role. And sex should be fun. Free and without worries. My list of requirements consisted of the purest ingredients, a long-lasting effect, fun for both, a protective layer, and extreme smoothness without sticking.” The list of requirements resulted in BodyGliss, the lubricant that significantly improves the pleasure and quality of sex.

Soft, smooth and gliding
“Let me give you some facts first,” Viviane explains. “Because those facts are important to remove lubricant from the taboo atmosphere. The Social Organization of Sexuality conducted large-scale research in America into the experience of sex. It showed that no fewer than 95 percent of women find sex with lubricant better than without it and that it is easier to have an orgasm. So that is the function of a lubricant. Pure fun. Enjoy without worries. Because that's how sex should be. Illness, stress, menopause, childbirth, first experience are all reasons why it does not always go smoothly or that it can feel painful or uncomfortable. The fear and shame about this do not help to solve this either. But if it all glides wonderfully, feels silky soft and smooth, penetration does not cause pain; then sex becomes fun again. And that extends much further in relationships than the bedroom.”

Pleasure in sex is good for your entire well-being

Viviane noticed how important the sexual relationship is for a good bond between lovers during an information evening for menopausal women in a hospital in Leeuwarden. “I asked the women which relationships were under pressure because sex had decreased or no longer felt pleasant. Hands raised cautiously at first, but looking around more and more women dared to give in. And with that came the tears. Because only then did those women see how much they have in common and that they were not alone in this. I gave out my entire stock of samples that evening and attracted my most loyal customers.”

Get rid of those taboos
With ambassadors like Veronica, Jessica and Daiza, it is clear that lubricant increases pleasure, but how do we get it out of the taboo atmosphere? “Just talk about it and laugh,” says Viviane. “With your partner. But also with your friends, mothers, sisters. Give each other tips. Throw those crazy taboos overboard. Because every woman suffers from it sometimes. And that's nothing to be ashamed of. Enjoying sex is your right. Enjoying sex is healthy for your entire well-being. If 95 percent of women prefer it, the solution is very simple: Put a lubricant on or in your bedside table for every moment that comes.”

Viviane is de stuwende kracht, initiatiefnemer en CEO bij Love-Business.